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Executive Members

Committed to the Cause

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of Houston Ugandan Community. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our community as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.

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David Ssebulime

Community President

Every individual harbors a distinct story , and it is not one's present circumstances that delineate their essence. Instead, it is the intrinsic character that molds their ultimate destination. The challenges experienced both in the past and the present should serve as a driving force propelling us towards a more meaningful tomorrow. Allow the creative essence within, fashioned in the image of God, to ascend and shape your brighter future. Maintain hope unwaveringly, for your destiny is illuminated, and you are bound to attain it.

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⁠⁠Janet Namutebi

Community Vice President

She joined Houston Ugandan Community with the vision and drive to improve upon our Community, and focus on developing the Community with experience and integrity.

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Fiora Mbulaiteye Abe

Community Speaker

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways Community members describe this invaluable member of our team. Abe is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to serve the Community with.

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Emmie Tumwesigye

Community Treasurer

With us since our founding, Emmie is one of our esteemed team members. They bring their years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed.

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Fred Kayiwa

Community Secretary

Brings years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed.

HUC LEADERS 2024-3782.jpg

Dianella Lugumya

Community Youth President

She strives to improve and build the Community through unity and organization with emphasis on income generation through cooperative ventures.

HUC LEADERS 2024-3790.jpg

Titus Mwanja

Community Youth Vice President

He is excited to make a difference in the Community.

HUC LEADERS 2024-3803.jpg

Moses Lugumya

Community Youth Treasurer

He believes that the success of the Community is in putting resources together to move to greater horizons.

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