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HUC Uganda Independence Day Celebration

July 28 2019

You are invited to participate in the upcoming Uganda Independence Day Celebration

CTSBI Teaching Mission to Uganda Ends

July 28 2019

The preparation for Charis Theological Seminary and Bible Institute mission to Uganda started many months before the month of June in which it was done. A team of Christians worked together here in Houston, Texas, while a committed Christian in Uganda worked diligently through quite a bit of resistance to pave the way for the successful development of mission activities.

CTSBI would like to thank you for your prayers and support. The teaching mission trip concluded June 30, 2019. The trip was very successful and eye-opening to many that partook in the various teachings by Dr. Patrick.

Special thanks to Dr. Patrick and Mark (aka Timothy) for giving themselves towards this mission; it was a very hectic schedule/itinerary. We thank God for providing continued strength and health and special thanks to Ms. Evelyn Mayambala, the Uganda logistics person and her team. They did a tremendous job! May God greatly reward them in time and eternity.

Pr. Charles Bagenda


FEBRUARY 24, 2018

Our Committee member, a Brother, Historical Community Member,Founding Pastor of Houston Praise Community Church, Charles Bagenda has gone to be with the Almighty that he loved to serve most. Our hearts are heavy, but we believe he is in the right place. We thank God for the time we have shared with Pastor Charles. He has spiritually fed us, received and guided many, loved and shared, and gave our Community a point of contact. Fare thee well Charles.

HUC 1st General Meeting

January 08 2018

Meeting held at Houston Praise Community Church.

Meeting agenda;
The purpose of this meeting was to lay out the plan and direction for our Ugandan community, share future events planned and programs for the new year.
Our mission is to bring all Ugandans together through networking and all social platforms.
Our website is now functional and we encourage all Ugandans to register at houstonugandancommunity.org.

Below are some of the achievements attained so far:
1. We now have an active website- Houstonugandancommunity.org
2. We have free registration for all Ugandans- this will allow us to plan for our population and know how big our community is.
3. We have an active P.O. Box  for all mail purposes.
4. The Houston Ugandan Community is now a registered non-profit organization, all donations can be written off for tax purposes.
5. We have an annual membership fee of $100 per year, this will help us fund some of the community events
6. Our annual calendar for 2018 events is now out and will be shared on the website.
7. The community has a bank account that has been opened at the first credit Union where all funds and donations will be kept.

So far this is what has been achieved and as the year 2018 unfolds, we still have a few things to work on.

Below are a few of them discussed;
1. We are working on the organization structure of this community, we hope to implement a constitution that will outline the term, duties, and how to run this community. We will perhaps seek guidance from the UNNA.
2. We are yet to set programs for disaster preparedness to help our community, one of the things we are working on is the life insurance.
3. We will be having workshops, most of them geared towards awareness, guidance, educating, or providing information to our community.
4. Programs for our Veterans and Veteran families will also be established.

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